Eric Pytryga Music Teacher in Chico at Apollo Academy

Tori GillaM

Violin/Fiddle + Cello + Piano + Voice + Guitar + Ukulele + Flute + songwriting & Recording arts

has been practicing music since the age of three! Her first instrument was the violin but since has added Piano, Guitar, Flute, Cello, Ukulele, and Voice. During her musical journey, not only has she become a highly regarded fiddler in the country community but also a First Chair Violinist for three consecutive years, the first Violinist ever invited to be a part of the All State Jazz Band, and started her very own rock band, Petricore, and touring locally with completely original music. 

Tori began teaching private violin and piano lessons at the age sixteen and has been teaching ever since, including three years at Children’s Community Charter School, in Paradise, CA. With nearly ten years of teaching experience - and twenty plus years of musical experience - there isn’t an age or student type she hasn't guided through the process of learning an instrument. Tori’s stresses enjoying the process as much as the results. She builds strong foundations that set up her students for a lifetime of musical success by instilling a passion for music making and choosing material that leaves students WANTING to practice!

If you are looking for a violin teacher who can take you from squeaking to flawless, would love to learn how to sing and play piano or guitar at the same time, or write and perform your own songs, book a lesson with Tori today!