Upcoming Events:

Chico Latin Orchestra Plays the Apollo Lounge - Saturday, July 20th, 7pm-10pm @ Apollo

-proceeds benefit The Arc and local children’s music programs.

Planning a Party?

We do events and fundraisers of our own… but now you can have your own here at Apollo! Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be music related. If you’ve got the time and ability to do so you can have your own birthday party, fundraiser, announcement gala, regular party, etc, right here at Apollo!

We have the space, you bring the good time.

We have some themes for birthday parties pre-selected based on what our regular Academy students have shown interest in. Any other theme ideas or requests must be submitted to our director of education at least 2 weeks in advance before your party. We love unique ideas and would love to host them for your party, but some preparation time is mandatory. Thank you for your understanding!

our selected themes:

For any other questions regarding parties, fundraisers, & themes, please direct your communication towards our director of musical education, Tori. You can reach her at our direct line (standard hours) or her email:




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