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30 minute weekly lesson beginner

45 minute weekly lesson intermediate

60 minute weekly multi-instrumental or advanced lesson

Youth Program

The most common feedback we hear from parents is that they want music lessons that their kids enjoy AND learn. Amen! Chico parents are choosing our programs because we introduce your children to the music they’ll play for life. From Christmas carols to the Batman theme and beyond, we make certain your child learns music which is culturally relevant, while developing their musical life skills. Your child will study sight reading, improvisation, and basic songwriting to give them a complete picture understanding. We’re able to connect the dots between classical, classics, and current pop hits since they all use the same notes and chords, and before they know it our students can discuss Kabalevsky and Led Zeppelin in the same breath.

Each month your child will also have the opportunity to try different instruments with a different instructor, perform in a band or ensemble with other students, and perform in jam sessions or Master Classes with other students. The progress we see when live performance is emphasized is truly remarkable, and leads to amazing recital experiences.

Recitals are held in our performance venue, as well as venues throughout Chico to give that special concert feeling.

Adult program

Adults love our no-nonsense approach which gets your hands working immediately. Content rich and fun, our lessons are designed to achieve your goal of doing what you’ve always wanted to do: Play music for fun, personal enjoyment, and bringing together family and friends through music. Whether relearning Def Leppard classics, 20th century standards and The Fake Book, or reaching for that Chopin prelude, our instructors are skilled with most styles and levels, and blend just enough of each to help develop a keen sense of musicianship.

Our Flex Program allows you to change your lesson time as often as you like, and our Wednesday Night Jams Sessions are a great way to dabble in performance with other musicians, try a new song, or improvise. You’re also welcome to simply listen until you feel you’re ready to join the group.


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