Music Decades

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Dress up and sing your way through the decades!

Jul7 8th-12th





One of the really cool things about music is that it really only ever repeats itself! There are only 7 notes… so the same songs will get written over and over, but what changes are the times! Its really cool to see the same C,D,F,G chords get played in the 50’s vs the 80’s and the difference that can make! But of course what fun is learning about music in a different decade if you don’t get to dress up too! So let’s get groovy and Charleston all within a week!





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Snacks and Lunch are provided.

Please email if there are any special diet requirements. 

Drop Off is between 8:30am-9:00am and Pick Up is between 12:30pm-1:00pm. We start sharply at 9:00am and there is a $1 fee for every minute student isn’t picked up after 1:00pm