Music Around THe World

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Let’s travel around the musical world together!

June 17th-21st,




This is a C.A.R.D. class.

All registration must be done through their website.

Each day we will be “traveling” to a different part of the world to learn about music & dance in that culture. We will be listening to their music, talking about the musical differences, and even learning some of their dances!

We will be exploring music from China, Africa, Mexico, Ireland, and India! Each participant will be given a passport to record their adventures and to treasure their musical traveling memories forever.

Snacks and Lunch are provided.

Please email if there are any special diet requirements. 

Drop Off is between 8:30am-9:00am and Pick Up is between 12:30pm-1:00pm. We start sharply at 9:00am and there is a $1 fee for every minute student isn’t picked up after 1:00pm