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Matt Savage

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, Piano, Drums, Voice, Harmonica, Accordion, Recording Arts

Matt has been giving private lessons and forming bands for 15+ years. As a graduate of our very own Butte Community college, majoring in Music & Business studies, Matt is knowledgeable and professional in his craft. As a teacher, he is patient and reliable, not to mention experienced, having taught over 1000 students since the time he first began giving lessons. Through his years as a teacher, he has learned many valuable lessons through his relationships with his students & their families. He wants to teach you well because he knows you’ll enjoy it and tell your friends! That is how he has generated such positive feedback through the music community in California, both immediate and distant.

When learning with Matt, his main goal is to teach you an instrument so well, you’ll have a lifetime of enjoyment through it and the experiences it brings you. During lessons you’ll focus on your favorite songs and breaking them down with music theory. That way they can easily be understood and played. Through this process you’ll be able to dive into why music works the way it does, paving the way to making original songs. In fact, many of Matt’s students have gone on to tour the country and record albums & projects.

All of this proves testament to a well rounded experience when you learn music with Matt. We appreciate his teaching style and hope you will too.