Testimonials : Kaila Davidson

Thelmarie F. 

“I have know Kaila Davidson for several years. I play the piano at FRCS for her concerts and her musicals. As a teacher she is sans pareil (without equal). She is a fantastic director of the children as a vocal and dance instructor. The children absolutely adore her!” 

Maddy, 10 years old

“Ms. Kaila is my music teacher and I have had her for 4 years. She is really nice and really great at singing.”

Ashley, 11 years old

“Ms. Kaila is the best singing teacher ever! She’s amazing because she teaches us to have such good technique and we love her!” 

Jori, 10 years old

“Ms. Kaila is incredibly helpful to me. She’s an amazing teacher and person and my role model.” 

Christy H.
(student's parent)

“Kaila always has such a positive attitude and children enjoy their time with her very much. I’m glad to know her and I’m glad she’s part of my children’s lives.”