Eric Pytryga Music Teacher in Chico at Apollo Academy

Eric Pytryga

guitar + Piano + Bass + Mandolin + Ukulele + Drums

Eric Pytryga has been teaching guitar lessons, bass lessons and piano lessons for over 15 years and specializes in Adult Beginners and Children. He holds a degree in Psychology and is a
member of ASCAP.

With adult beginners, he focuses on teaching the music the students want to learn. After mastering a few basic techniques, they launch right in to playing some actual music. In addition to necessary playing skills, Eric also teaches reading and writing music, ear training (learning to play by ear), and applicable music theory.

For children, Eric emphasizes having fun! Learning to play an instrument doesn't have to be drudgery. His attentive, patient and friendly approach will have your child playing in no time and loving every minute of their music lessons!

Eric uses the latest technology to help you on your way from a web page that plays the song you're working on at any tempo you want (to help you practice) to computer and iOS programs to support your learning experience and make practicing more fun!.

Eric Pytryga Music teacher in Chico at Apollo Academy