Summer Hours:

Monday - Friday: 12pm to 5pm

(unless you have a private lesson scheduled otherwise)

Apollo is closed on the following days in 2019-220:

Winter Break: Dec 23rd - Jan 3rd

Memorial Day: May 25th

Fourth of July: July 4th

Labor Day: Sept 2nd

Thanksgiving: Nov 25th-29th

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  General Policies:

  1. We encourage Parents/Guardians to sit in on lessons, and ask that only one parent be in the room, and only for the last 5-10 minutes unless permission has been given to stay longer by an instructor. All Parents/Guardians are welcome to stay for the duration of Discovery Lessons. 

  2. Students above the age of 8 should take lessons by themselves, unless there is a compelling reason not to. In our experience, students are able to focus and learn at a higher rate of efficiency if they are allowed to be one-on-one with their teacher. Of course we welcome Parents/Guardians to view their child’s lesson through the windows we have on each studio. 

  3. Siblings or friends are not allowed in the lesson studio during lesson time. Families may wait in our main lobby or in their vehicles. Exceptions are made for special events (e.g.: Bring a Friend Week, buddy lessons, etc.) 

  4. To help track progress, each student is given a yearly lesson planner in which all of their assignments will be written down. Parents/Guardians, please plan to be present for the last 5 minutes of each lesson to review the weekly assignments and practice expectations to ensure success. 

  5. In addition to private lessons, all students are eligible for our weekly music theory, group ensemble, or instructional classes. The Class Schedule may be found at . Attendance is not mandatory, but very much encouraged. 

  6. Safety: Please escort children under the age of 12 to their lesson, and “hand them off” to their teacher. Please pick them up when the lesson is over, or a few minutes early to discuss the assignments and the child’s progress. 

  7. Apollo does not discriminate against students or families of any race, color, gender, orientation, national or ethnic origin to the rights, privileges and activities made available to students.

Attendance Policy:

  1. LESSONS MUST BE CANCELLED BY 10:00am on the day of the lesson to qualify for a Make-Up Lesson Card. 24hr notice is preferred but we understand that life happens! If you call the school by 10am on the day of the lesson, you will qualify for a Make-Up Lesson Card. 

  2. If the student cancels after 10:00am, no Make-Up Card will be offered.

  3. Every student can only carry two Make-Up Cards per semester. The Make-Up Cards need to be presented to the private lesson teacher in order to schedule a Make Up lesson OUTSIDE of the “regular” scheduled lesson.

  4. Late or unattended scheduled Make-Up Lessons will not be rescheduled. That Make-Up Card is forfeited.

  5. Make-Up Cards may be used to attend other music classes at Apollo, of a similar value.

  6. Missed lessons or unused Make-Up Cards are non-refundable.

  7. Apollo’s semesters are as follows:

    1. Fall Semester: August 1st-December 31st

    2. Spring Semester: January 1st-May 31st

    3. Summer Semester: June 1st-July 31st

  8. All Make-Up Cards expire at the end of every semester.

  9. Anyone can start private music lessons at any point during a semester, and students are encouraged to attend year round, but breaking the year into semesters helps manage make-ups, performances, and schedule coordination with the school districts that most of our students attend.  

  10. Please note that your monthly tuition reserves a teacher at a specific time. They are here ready to teach their student, regardless if the student attends.

  11. At the end of every semester, each teacher will offer 2-3 different group make-up classes for all of their students with unused Make-Up Cards. Students may choose one class time to attend. Make-up group classes will be announced on the 1st of the month at the end of each semester. 

  12. If a student is tardy to a lesson, the teacher is not obligated to make the time up at the lesson or at a later date

  13. If the teacher is unable to attend a lesson, the parent will be notified as soon as possible and a Make-Up Card will be issued promptly. 

  14. If a student wishes to withdraw from lessons, they must give written notice 30 days prior to the last scheduled lesson. You may fill out a drop form at the front desk, or email with your written notice. Please note that no refunds are given during the 30-day notification period.

  15. Please help us from spreading contagious illnesses to our faculty, employees, and other students. If you or your child as had a fever within the last 24hrs prior to a lesson, or has a cold or other virus, we request that you skip your lesson. Teachers may send home students who are ill or appear to be suffering from illness. 

  16. The weeks prior to both other Spring recitals and Winter Recitals will be rehearsal weeks. Students will come to the studio during their normal lesson time, do a dress rehearsal in the main showroom with their instructor. This lesson will generally only be 10-15min in length, and is a good opportunity to ask your instructor any question regarding the recital. We urge parents to be present for the entirety of this short rehearsal.

Financial Policy: 

  1. During the year (January-December), there will be 48 lessons administrated. The total for all 48 lessons will be evenly divided between the 12 months of lessons, unless you wish to pay for the entire year up front in which case you will receive a 3% discount.

    *Note that the monthly rate stays the same regardless of the number of weeks in each month. There are 4 weeks of vacation, that will match the Chico Unified School District Calendar (Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Winter break/New Years)

  2. Payments will be required before any lessons can be attended. The first payment will typically include: Next month’s tuition and the yearly Registration fee. 

  3. Payments are required by the 1st of every month. If payment is not collected by the 5th, the student will be taken off the calendar until payment is received, which may result in that teacher’s time slot being reserved by another or new student.  

  4. If a student signs up mid-month, then the tuition will be prorated, and expected up front before any lessons can be taken. Next month’s tuition is still expected by the 1st.

    1. For example: On April 1st you will pay for all of April’s lessons. If payment is not received by April 5th, then the student is taken off of the Calendar for all of April until payment is received. 

    2. For Example:  If a student starts May 15th, payment for the prorated tuition will be expected upfront, along with the registration fee. Payment for April is still expected on the 1st, or by the 5th at the latest. 

  5. There is a yearly $50 enrollment fee for each child. It will be billed July and must be paid by the 15th. This includes your student’s planner, yearly T-shirt, Apollo music binder, and a school ID. This fee also helps us put on events and recitals which all go towards enhancing your child’s music education experience. 

  6. No refunds will be issued for missed lessons, or unused Make-Up Cards.

  7. A bank fee of $25 will be assessed for any returned checks.

  8. Student music books are not included in the tuition. For your convenience most of the books your instructors use are available in the Book Store. 

  9. Flex Passes are available for purchase. Flex Pass Lessons are pre-paid lessons which can be booked at any time. While Flex passes do allow more open ended lesson scheduling, a flex pass does not reserve a weekly lesson time. Flex-Lessons are not eligible for Make-Up Cards. Flex Lesson Cancellations must be made 2 business days prior to the scheduled lesson.

Summer Policy:

  1. Our Summer Session is the same as our regular sessions; your teacher works all year long to ensure your success.

  2. If you will be missing 3 or more lessons in June or July, you may pause your account.

  3. Similar to our Withdraw Policy, we need written notice 30 days prior to the last scheduled lesson. You can Email with your written notice.

  4. Accounts can not be paused for more then two months. June and July are the only months you may pause your account for reasons other than medical.

  5. Payment for August will be expected by July 15th at the latest.

  6. Student’s lesson times will not be reserved while an account is paused, therefore your lesson time will become available for other or new students to reserve. 

  7. We do offer Summer Flex Pass. A Summer Flex Pass is 5 lessons for $200. Lessons can be scheduled according to your summer schedule as long as the teacher and studio has 2 business days notice. No make-up cards will be credited for missed flex lessons unless there was a medical emergency preventing the student from attending.