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Alexander Rosales

Voice + Guitar + Bass + ukulele + Piano + Drums

has studied music since he began playing guitar during his freshman year in high-school. Piano was introduced at an early point in his life, so it has always been with him. Alex's favorite genres include: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Alternative, Pop, R&B, Funk,Hip-Hop, Ambient, Soundtrack and among many of each one of their respective sub-genres. He remembers having more than a curiosity for the instrument itself, but a desire to play what he heard from the music he loved then, and still loves today.

Alex continued his music education at Skyline College, where he studied classical voice, piano and Jazz orchestra with numerous performance experience across a variety of genres. Playing live Jazz made up a majority of his performance experience. He played double bass (upright bass) and electric bass during his jazz band education. Alex has taken most of his techniques on acoustic guitar by putting himself through a meditative approach of deep listening.

Alex began teaching during his early years in college. His style of teaching revolves around psychological levels of what the mind processes while we play instruments. He urges many of my students to ask questions, for example: why does music feel so good? what do I do to play the music I want to play? What kind of music is out there waiting for my ears? The best part of Alex's musical education began when he started listening and he encourages this mentality for all who seek enlightenment through sonic therapy.

Alex Rosales:

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