Apollo Academy of Music
The Music You Want To Play

If you believe that learning to play an instrument should be A Whole Lotta Fun, then Apollo Academy of Music is your ticket to entertainment! We teach piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, ukulele, digital recording arts and so much more. Our program specializes in Adult Beginners and Children, using a fun, creative and engaging environment for everyone.

With adult beginners, we blast through pre-conceived notions about music lessons. Forget horror the stories you’ve heard or experienced about the stern music teachers who made you practice "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore." Instead we teach you the music you want to learn, and with our methods you will want to practice. 

After mastering a few basic techniques, we launch right in to playing some actual music. In addition to necessary playing skills, you’ll also learn to read and write music, ear training (learning to play by ear), and music theory. Yes, we can make this fun and interesting as well, promise. But what about the kiddos?

We keep children engaged but making their lesson time enjoyable, and something they actually look forward to doing.  Let's face it: most parents are not looking for their child to be a virtuoso violinist, but rather be healthy, happy and well adjusted kid who loves to play music. Our attentive, patient and friendly approach will have your child playing in no time flat! We use the latest in technology for engagement, from our web page that plays the song you're working on at any tempo to computer and iOS programs to help you along the way. We make making music fun, but our true measure of success is your progress and happiness. 


Academy PLUS+

Advanced Music Lessons

If you or your child is ready for a higher level of training, competitions, ensembles, and recitals, Academy PLUS+ is for you. Most of our instructors have masters degrees in performance, advanced study in pedagogy, and performance experience to share with you or your child. These are highly individualized programs designed for advanced learners, from Classical, Jazz, and Ragtime, to Broadway and Advanced Rock Musicianship. Open to all students, this program has a different track and emphasis, and greater instructor guidance with respect to repertory. 

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